Stephen Colbert Gets Mocked By Jimmy Fallon Ahead Of First Night As ‘Late Show’ Host — ‘Break A Finger,’ Says Fallon

Stephen Colbert is getting ready to take over Late Show hosting duties from David Letterman. Those are pretty big shoes to fill, and his fellow late night hosts aren’t going to make it easy for him. But it’s all in good fun, of course.

As Gossip Cop reports, Jimmy Fallon took to Twitter to take some humorous jabs at Colbert ahead of his first night hosting the late-show on Tuesday night.

Fallon and Colbert are friends but now they’re going to have to compete with each other for late-night ratings in the same time-slot. Colbert actually made a quick appearance on Fallon’s first-ever episode hosting the Tonight Show over a year ago.

“Welcome to Late Night, b***h,” Colbert said to Fallon at the time.

Two months later, CBS announced that Colbert would be taking over from David Letterman, who has hosted the Late Show since 1993. Other late night talk-show hosts also offered advice via a video montage, posted on the Vanity Fair YouTube account.