‘Modern Family’ Season 7 Spoilers: Mitch & Cam Rift, Haley & Andy Questions Answered

Modern Family Season 7 may be the best season of the beloved family comedy series yet. The latest spoilers for the upcoming episodes reveal some interesting couples news that fans will likely be dying to see when the series returns to ABC later this month.

According to the International Business Times, fan favorite couple Mitch and Cam will go through another rough patch. Fans previously saw the men, who are now married, fall on hard times when they were trying to adopt another child, but their plans continued to fall through, leaving them a family of three with their adopted daughter Lily.

Now, their next obstacle will be dealing with the fact that Mitch is unemployed. Modern Family fans will likely remember that Mitch exposed his secret of being fired from his job in the Season 6 finale after Cam started to believe Mitch was having an affair. Turns out that he was only canned, but now comes the hard part.

Season 7 will bring big changes for Mitch, who will be the one at home and taking care of things Cam used to do while his husband brings home the bacon for the first time in their relationship. Mitch is a bit of a control freak and sees himself as the more responsible one and not having a job will really take a toll on him and his relationship with Cam.

Mitch will go a bit stir crazy without a job and will begin picking up all kinds of interesting hobbies, even though they may not fit his personality. He’ll even go as far as to coach Lily’s soccer team even though he doesn’t know anything about the sport.

Meanwhile, Mitch and Cam’s niece, Haley, will finally get her man. After a couple seasons of befriending and then falling totally in love with Gloria and Jay’s male nanny, Andy, played by the hilarious Adam Devine, the two seemed to hit their breaking point during the Modern Family Season 6 finale. Andy confided in Phil that he may like another girl, but, clueless as usual, Phil told Andy to propose to his longtime girlfriend, who actually seems to hate Haley’s guts, not knowing that Haley actually had feelings for him as well.

Now, Youth Health Magazine reports that Haley and Andy will actually get together and begin dating. The funniest part about Haley and Andy’s relationship is that Haley is a lot like her mom Claire in her younger, wilder days, and Andy is very much the goofy, good-hearted guy that her father Phil is. Will Haley end up with a guy who is just like her dad? Fans certainly hope so.

Meanwhile, Alex will be off to college, and Luke and Manny are sure to be getting into all kinds of trouble now that they are advancing in age and digging deeper into their high school careers.

What are your thoughts on the latest Modern Family Season 7 spoilers?

[Photo Credit: ABC]