WWE Rumors: One Superstar And One Tag Team Getting New Gimmicks

When one gimmick isn’t working for a WWE superstar and they don’t seem to be advancing, then there comes time for a change. Rumor has it that a singles wrestler and a tag team are both about to undergo gimmick changes and see themselves repackaged in the coming weeks. Bo Dallas appeared headed in a darker direction and honestly, it looks like Los Matadores are doing the same.

For those that watched SmackDown this past Friday, Dallas faced off with R-Truth and picked up an impressive victory. He seemed much more aggressive in the match and even hit a new finisher which is similar to the Au Revoir that was often used by Rene Deupree and La Resistance.

After the match was over, Dallas attacked R-Truth and had a rather angry look on his face which is much different than the constant smile he’s shown for months.

WrestleZone reported that this could be leading to a gimmick change for Dallas and he won’t be the overly chipper and inspirational figure any longer. Not much is known about the change at this time, but it does seem like Dallas could go to a more vicious heel persona.

On SmackDown, he did a promo after the match and thought it was “really funny” that he had hurt R-Truth. He then said that fans would soon see a more “humorous” side of Bo Dallas, and it may lead to what his new character will be like.

Earlier this summer, there were rumors that Bo Dallas would join The Wyatt Family and partner up with his real-life brother, Bray Wyatt. Obviously, that never came to be.

Less than a week ago, it was revealed that Los Matadores would be getting repackaged as well. It appears the path to their new gimmick began last night on Monday Night Raw as they also showed signs of going much more heel.

As WWE recapped, Los Matadores ended up losing a match to the Dudley Boyz on Raw last night, but not before showing their true colors. During the match, both members of the team took out their frustrations on fan-favorite El Torito, and even kept beating on him after the match.

That led to the Dudley Boyz beating them down and getting a table involved. The obvious split between Los Matadores and El Torito seems to confirm they will be heading in a new direction very soon.

Bo Dallas and Los Matadores each appear headed for a gimmick change, and it seems as if all of them are heading toward more of a heel persona. This could be for all involved, and it may give them the push needed to get to the next level.

[Image via WWE]