More Zayn Malik Sexy Pics, But Bad Moods Still Stun Celebs

Zayn Malik is plastering the internet with sexy pictures of himself in multiple places, but this act cannot cover up the fact that a lot of celebrities are currently mad at him.

Shedding his boy band/good boy image forever, Zayn Malik has taken the wheel of his new career with RCA Records -- and he appears to have hit a Fast and Furious note.

Regardless of how he feels about his behavior, a growing list of celebrities are still miffed at Zayn Malik for his rudeness rampage over the months of July and August. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, in August Zayn Malik may have made enemies of the Kardashians, the Jenners, Tyga, Calvin Harris, Taylor Swift, and Selena Gomez.

On a positive note, after being publicly dumped on social media around the middle of July by Zayn Malik -- it appears that Naughty Boy has officially moved on, according to UnReality TV. They stated on September 6 that Naughty Boy "has been busy finding some new friends to play with, given the Sun reports today that he's set to work with Beyoncé and Jay Z."

On the other hand, some celebrities are afraid of Zayn Malik. On August 30, Celebrity Big Brother star Dappy talked with the Mirror about Zayn Malik's explosive social media behavior and stated, "I'm scared to upset him as he might curse me on Twitter. He's a bit rude sometimes. I thought I was bad."

Another example of celebrities not knowing how to feel about Zayn Malik involves Rita Ora. On September 8, Hollywood Life reports that Rita Ora dissed Zayn Malik on Capital FM. When prompted about whether she would date Zayn Malik, Rita Ora went radio silent after saying, "Zayn, he's gorgeous, but, I just…"

Sadly, Zayn Malik seems indifferent to the criticism thrown his way over his treatment of other people -- or Perrie Edwards.

The Daily Mail reported on September 7 about the current situation between Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards after their July breakup and had the following to say.

"The former One Direction star delighted his 1.1 million followers when he uploaded a six-strong stream of attractive photos of himself on Saturday and Sunday as his ex fiancée Perrie Edwards returned to the UK following a mammoth promotional tour with the Little Mix girls."
With Perrie on her way back overseas and Zayn Malik still in America, his social media photos may be construed as some subtle, negative parting words to Perrie from Zayn.

However, as Yahoo U.K. Celebrity points out on September 8, some of these Zayn Malik selfies can be a hint of what is yet to come. In particular, they cite pictures of Zayn Malik playing a piano as a "sign" that he may be working on his new solo music material.

For fans that need more sexy Zayn Malik pics in their life, the Wrap reports on September 1 that Interview Magazine has at least one exclusive pic of Zayn. According to their report, Zayn Malik and other celebrities are part of a social media special for the September 2015 issue.

[Feature image via Jason Merritt/Getty Images]