‘The Bachelor’ Ben Higgins Dating Tenley Molzahn? Rumors Swirl She Could Join His Season

With Ben Higgins officially set to star in the upcoming season of The Bachelor, the former Bachelorette contestant has already been making waves in the relationship department. In fact, according to E! News, Higgins has been spending a good deal of time with former Bachelor Pad contestant Tenley Molzahn.

An inside source told the outlet that Higgins and Molzahn were recently seen together in a local bar in Denver, Colorado. To substantiate this claim, Ben Zorn also posted an image of him, Molzahn, Higgins, and JJ Lane hanging out in a nightclub.

“Downtown Denver with the boys!” Zorn captioned the image. “And the one and only Tenley.”

At the same time, according to Hollywood Take, Lane wrote, “Enjoyed providing security for the ‘Bens’ and Tenley last night. Thanks to @opheliasden for an incredible evening. #BrothersandASister.”

For her part, Molzahn is no stranger to the world of reality dating. Although she now works as a nutritionist and has her own website, Sweet & Free Life, which advises people on how to eat healthy, Molzahn has appeared on two dating shows in the past.

As far as her celebrity status is concerned, Molzahn was included on the special The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love back in 2010. While she made it all the way to second place in the competition, she was also the runner-up on Bachelor Pad later that same year.

Meanwhile, with Higgins set to play the lead role in The Bachelor, many are speculating that Molzahn might be a contestant on the show. Given that Molzahn and Higgins are obviously close, her inclusion on the show could make things interesting for other contestants.

Speaking of the ladies who will be included on the show, Christian Today is reporting that there are a number of different women trying to get a spot on the reality dating show. In fact, host Chris Harrison recently revealed that a slew of women have already sent him messages about being on the show following the announcement that Higgins was the new Bachelor.

Included in this group of women are a number of former contestants. However, Harrison was vague on revealing exactly which former contestants were being considered, although Becca Tilley was mentioned as a likely candidate. That being said, Molzahn probably has a decent shot at being on the show, especially considering her ties with Higgins.

The new season of The Bachelor starring Ben Higgins is expected to premiere sometime in 2016.

[Image Courtesy: ABC]