4 Tons Of Marijuana Pulled From Ocean In California

Harbor Patrol agents in California on Sunday afternoon had their work cut out for themselves after they began receiving calls from concerned boater who noticed large bales of marijuana floating off the coast of Dana Point.

Agents headed to the area and eventually pulled 160 bales of marijuana which they quickly confiscated.

After weighing the marijuana harbor patrol agents revealed they had taken in 7,263 pounds of marijuana with more expected as their search continued.

In fact there was so much pot floating around on the Oceans surface that it took several boats from the Coast Guard and Border Patrol to confiscate all of the marijuana which comes with a street value of $3.6 million.

Following the confiscation efforts of various law enforcement agencies US Border Patrol Agent Supervisor Michael Jimenez released the following statement:

“Law enforcement authorities seized marijuana found off the coast of Orange County, California this afternoon. Seizing the narcotics is the result of the joint efforts of federal, state, and local law enforcement authorities working together within one regional coordinating group to stop illegal maritime activity along the Southern California coastline.”

Jimenez then added:

“Shortly before noon on Sunday, May 20, maritime law enforcement authorities received a tip about suspicious bales floating in the water off the coast of Orange County, near Dana Point. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department responded and recovered numerous bales of marijuana, and turned the narcotics over to the U.S. Border Patrol.”

You really can’t escape marijuana anywhere in California, It is literally floating on the surface of the ocean.