Georgia Family Killed In Car Accident On Way To Walt Disney World For Daughter’s First Birthday

A family from Georgia was heading down to the beach and Walt Disney World for a spur-of-the-moment vacation, but they unfortunately never made it to their destination. Over the Labor Day weekend, their vehicle was rear-ended while they headed down and ended up flipping before catching on fire and taking the lives of all inside.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Thomas Garza (23) and Lillian Luna (20) of Moultrie, Georgia, were planning on visiting the beach and Walt Disney World during the long weekend. Along with them was the couple’s daughter, Brianna, who had just turned one on August 27.

georgia family crash walt disney world

As the family from Georgia was driving down to Florida, their Nissan Maxima was rear-ended by a Mercedes SUV in Lake County around 4 a.m. on Sunday. Both vehicles flipped over and caught on fire.

Garza and Luna died at the scene of the crash, and family members identified them on Monday. Their young daughter was ejected from the Maxima and died on Sunday at Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital in Orlando. Luna’s sister, Elataly Luna, said they just wanted to make Brianna’s first birthday special.

“They were hoping to give her a huge birthday for the big No. 1, and they knew this weekend they’d have time to spend together. It’s just so sad.”

James Dameron, 24, was the driver of the Mercedes SUV and he was driving on a suspended license. He suffered only minor injuries in the crash, according to Florida Highway Patrol officers.

In the past year alone, Dameron has had charges of unlawful speeding, texting while driving, and meth possession. Florida Highway Patrol Sgt. Kim Kontes said that charges are pending in the fatal crash.

Dameron’s license had been suspended on September 1.

fatal crash georgia family disney

The New York Daily News reported that the couple had been virtually inseparable since they started dating back in 2012. Thomas Garza’s sister, Eloisa Garza, said that her brother loved his family so very much and only want Brianna to have the best of everything.

“Thomas was a good man. He loved Brianna more than anyone or anything else. Lillian and him stuck together no matter what. They were happy, and they did anything to give Brianna the best.”

The FHP states that no witnesses have contacted them as of yet and they are hoping someone soon does, so they can get more info on the accident. The Georgia family that passed away in the fiery accident en route to Walt Disney World will be remembered by all that loved them, and all they wanted was to give their young daughter a good first birthday.

[Image via Danny Cox / Elataly Luna / WFTV]