Katy Perry: Singer Attends Burning Man With Her Segway Then Falls Off [Video]

Katy Perry attended the ever-popular Burning Man, an annual arts festival held in the Nevada Black Rock desert. Instead of being like us mere peasants, though, Katy Perry decided to show the sand who was boss and brought her Segway with her so she didn’t have to walk around.

Although Burning Man ended, Perry posted a video of herself riding or dancing, maybe a mixture of both, on her Segway during a pretty big sandstorm, and things did not go Perry’s way. It looked like the storm may have overpowered her and her Segway, but here is the video so you can make your own conclusions. However, we can all agree that Katy Perry’s Mad Max outfit is awesome. Look at that leather mask and googles.


Katy Perry makes fun of herself in the caption, saying, “Obviously first time burner alert,” and she acknowledged that she does not know what she is doing on her Segway. But that’s the fun of it, right? Perry’s dad decided to get in on the action and properly show his daughter how to ride a Segway. Katy Perry uploaded a video of her dad teaching her the proper techniques when it comes to riding a Segway.


Being the good dad that he is, Keith Hudson said to his daughter, “Hey, Bird, if you need lessons, this is the way you do it.”

He even did an awesome one-handed spin. Katy Perry’s dad obviously has skills. In Perry’s defense, the sand storm was pretty extreme, with winds gusting between 30 mph and 50 mph. With the addition of sand, it probably wasn’t a very good time.

Katy Perry wasn’t the only celebrity of hang out at Burning Man, though. According to Time, Susan Saradon, Jared Leto, Cara Delevingne, and Karlie Kloss were also in attendance during the festival, but no video evidence is around of them trying to successfully move their Segways through a difficult sandstorm. Here’s the real question: Was Cara Delevingne there with Suicide Squad co-star Jared Leto, or was she hanging out with Karlie Kloss, since they are together in Taylor Swift’s squad? The world may never know.

[Image bu Jason Marritt/ Getty Images]