Parents Leave Kids At Houston Fire Station, Say They Cannot Take Care Of Them Any More

A Houston area fire station was witness to unusual drama on Monday after a mother left two young kids there, saying she cannot take care of them any longer. According to ABC News, before the mother left the kids at there, she was seen arguing with a man who is believed to be the father of one of the children. The two children left at the fire station are aged just 9-months-old and 2-years-old, the report added. According to KHOU, the woman is the mother of only the infant and not the toddler. The mother left both the kids at the fire station after the man told her he didn’t want the children anymore.

After the man went away, the woman entered the fire station and told firefighters that she was not in a condition to take care of the two children alone. Firefighters responded by saying she could leave the premises — without the kids. Authorities are now hoping to track down other relatives of the two kids — both of them boys.

The following is according to Kenyatta Parker of the Houston Fire Department.

“The firefighters saw that the children were under some duress so they wanted to make sure they were comforted so they had some stuffed animals on-site for them … they tried to make a very unpleasant situation as pleasant as possible.”

After the woman left the premises, authorities from Child Protective Services, as well as local local police station, were called in. They were able to track down the mother for questioning. The names of the parents have not been released.

From initial impressions, it seems the parents of the two children were trying to take advantage of the Texas Safe Haven Laws that allow parents to leave babies (60 days or younger) at fire stations, hospitals, or EMS stations. However, both the children in this case are older than 60 days. The law is also known as Baby Moses Laws.

As of now, both the children remain in the custody of Children’s Protective Services. A hearing will be held to determine if the relatives of the children would be allowed custody of the two children. As of now, no charges have been filed against the parents of the children.

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]