‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 12 Spoilers: Owen Getting New Love Interest?

Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 is only weeks away, and spoilers for the new season reveal big changes for everyone at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, including Dr. Owen Hunt, who has had bad luck in the love department after Cristina Yang’s departure and a break up with Derek’s sister, Amelia Shepherd.

According to Movie New Guide, Owen Hunt will be moving in with someone unexpected during Season 12 of Grey’s Anatomy. The former chief of surgery will explore a new relationship, but does that mean a new love interest?

Shonda Rhimes recently revealed that while Owen and Amelia still have feelings for each other, Owen will move on with his life. Fans are guessing that the new relationship won’t be a romantic one. In fact, there is some speculation that Owen will either move in with Jackson Avery or April Kepner after their relationship basically disintegrated in Season 11 following the death of their baby.

While Owen has always been April’s mentor — and the person that turned her on to doing helpful work for the military, the very thing that actually crushed her marriage to Jackson — it seems more likely that Owen will move in with Dr. Avery. The two men will probably strike up a bond and friendship over the women in their lives doing them wrong and acting crazy, which is good, because Owen could use another male friend now that Dr. Derek Shepherd has sadly died.

However, Design & Trend reports that Grey’s Anatomy fans may actually see Owen move in with Callie during Season 12. Callie is no stranger to roommates. She previously lived with her best friend, Mark Sloan, the father of her daughter, before his untimely death. Callie could use the company — and another male friendship — in her life. Besides, the two are totally different personalities, and it would be fun to see how they meshed together as roomies.

As Callie is bisexual and is still dealing with her split with wife Arizona, she and Owen could also bond over their women troubles, as well as give each other advice on dating and help each other move on from their former loves.

Grey’s Anatomy fans can also expect to see Meredith Grey with some new roommates during Season 12. After losing her husband, Derek Shepherd, Mer will move back in to her mother’s home and invite sister-in-law Amelia and half-sister Maggie to join her. The three sisters will bond over love and life, while helping one another deal with their various issues and helping to raise Meredith’s three children, Zola, Bailey, and Ellis.

What are your thoughts on the latest Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 spoilers?

[Photo Credit: ABC]