Farrah Abraham Threatens to Kill ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Houseguests

Farrah Abraham has been causing some drama while she has been in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Now, according to Fishwrapper, she has threatened to “kill” everyone inside the house with her. Farrah actually freaked out on everyone in the house and then ended up being called into the diary room. This show airs in the U.K., but luckily, clips are being shared so that everyone in the USA can see Abraham’s breakdowns as well.

Farrah Abraham is screaming out at everyone, asking if they want her to “talk some s**t.” Natasha Hamilton won’t take it from her, though, and shouts back at her. Celebrity Big Brother decides it is time to step in and they call Farrah to the diary room. Farrah starts to scream about what she calls “the scum they have in this house.” What she says next, shocked everyone. Farrah says “I’m going to straight up kill this whole f**king house.”

Of course, Celebrity Big Brother can’t ignore these threats from Farrah Abraham. According to Mirror UK, tonight on the show Farrah will be speaking out and revealing that she is getting help. Abraham has revealed that she is in therapy and is trying to break the cycle, which she is blaming on her parents for passing down to her.

On the show, Scoop actually defends Farrah Abraham. Scoop realizes that she has been through a lot in her life to be acting this way. He spoke out to Bobby Davro, saying he knows this is not just the way that Americans act.

“It can’t be American culture that makes someone behave like that. It’s something that has happened, it’s pain in her life that creates her to defend herself with such venom. She says vile things because that’s her defence.”

Farrah Abraham has been through a hard time. She lost Derek Underwood, the father of her child, Sophia, just one month before her daughter was born. Abraham then went into the porn industry for a while and has revealed that she was drugged and raped more than one time during that time. Farrah’s past has not been an easy one.

Reality shows have been known for kicking contestants off for threats. At this time, Celebrity Big Brother does look like they are going to let Farrah Abraham stick around on the show. Obviously, her drama is great for television. Farrah will speak out tonight about the way that she has plans to change her ways.

[Photo by Ethan Miller / Getty Images]