Amazon To Release $50 Tablet - Will The 6-Incher Have Mainstream Hardware And Features?

Alap Naik Desai

Amazon Inc. is expected to release a tablet with a sticker price of just $50. After tasting little success with its Fire and Fire HD tablets, the company is looking to capture the lower-end of the tablet market.

The $50 pricetag might seem extremely low and that's probably what the company is hoping will draw the holiday shopping crowd. Though not much is known about this as-yet unnamed and unannounced tablet, the Wall Street Journal reports it could have a generous 6-inch screen. Amazon is expected to time the release of the tablet with the holidays.

What can one expect from a $50 tablet? Amazon won't incorporate ultra-low quality hardware, but it could very well compromise on the quality of the screen and may not offer the latest processor or memory. Interestingly, since a majority of the applications can reside on virtual servers, commonly referred to as the cloud, Amazon may even forgo bigger storage capacity in favor of a better Wi-Fi module.

At $50, Amazon's tablet is half the price of the company's current Fire HD 6-inch tablet. Moreover, the company is betting on the holiday crowd. This means the company is banking on customers who are looking for an ultra-cheap tablet that is ideal for gifting.

Besides being a great stocking-stuffer, Amazon's tablet could be meant for customers who are looking for a no-frills device for simple and straightforward tasks like streaming video or reading. And one should not forget, Amazon is always trying to offer technology that prods customers to buy more from the company.

Beside the 6-inchers, industry insiders hint Amazon might release cheap tablets sporting 8-inch and 10-inch screens for those who are looking for a bigger device.

Amazon has traditionally tried to eliminate competition by severely undercutting prices. Additionally, the company is keen to offer services and make money off them, rather than from the devices. Hence, buyers can expect the $50 tablet to do well in the video streaming and e-book reading sections. But don't expect these cheap tablets to allow gaming.

Considering the failure of the Fire phone, it will be interesting to see what Amazon has incorporated into the $50 tablet.

[Image Credit | David McNew / Getty Images]