WWE News: Paige & Alicia Fox In Crazy Restaurant Brawl

Make no mistake about lady grapplers Paige and Alicia Fox; their ability to brawl doesn’t end when the final bell sounds. According to a report by TMZ, the co-stars of WWE Total Divas reportedly threw down with an unidentified woman while they were patrons at Supano’s Prime Steakhouse, Seafood and Pasta in Baltimore on Sunday night. The aforementioned establishment has been a Charm City fixture for over 75 years and is highly rated on a number of online review sites.

The Pale Princess and her pal Foxy were at the restaurant for a drink when a woman described by TMZ as one of the establishment’s “regular barflies” came in and started taking pictures and video of the wrestlers. Much like the personas they have developed in the ring and on the set of WWE Total Divas, Paige and Alicia were quick to act in their own defense, squaring off with the woman. A brief fight ensued in which margaritas were thrown in both directions. Restaurant staff intervened and ejected all parties from the place. Earl Hebner probably would have made the same call, really.

Both Paige and Alicia Fox feature prominently in WWE’s current “Divas Revolution” story line, and they are regular fixtures on the company’s big reality hit, WWE Total Divas. In the ring, Paige is aligned with Charlotte and Becky Lynch as “Team PCB.” Alicia currently teams with Nikki and Brie Bella. The Divas revolution angle is seen as a new renaissance of sorts for women’s wrestling, and WWE’s new emphasis on female grappling has been hailed by a number of industry greats, including hardcore legend Mick Foley. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine is a vocal critic of women’s wrestling, though, recently stating he would fire female wrestlers and send them to work at strip bars. Yes, he really said that.

At present, it isn’t known whether Paige and Alicia Fox will face any consequences for the incident at the Baltimore restaurant. If there are any repercussions, they probably will not be too severe, though, as both women were in action on last night’s Monday Night Raw, according to wrestling news and rumors source WrestlingINC.

It’s also not clear if the target of the wrestlers’ ire has any knowledge or experience in the wrestling business. Then again, even if she isn’t qualified for a rubber match against Paige and Alicia between the ropes, given the woman’s alleged propensity for jaw-jacking and dust-ups, she would probably be a shoe-in for a walk on part in the forthcoming season of WWE Total Divas.

[Image via WWE]