‘Empire’ Star Serayah Reveals What It Is Like To Be Part Of Taylor Swift’s Squad

From her appearance on the first season of a hit music drama to being a part of Taylor Swift’s squad, Empire star Serayah has certainly made a name for herself. With that in mind, the actress recently sat down with Perez Hilton and discussed what it’s like being friends with the mega pop star.

“I was driving, and my mum called me, saying, ‘So guess who just called me? Taylor Swift!’ She said that Taylor had asked for my number so she could talk through everything about the video,” Serayah explained, referencing her role in the award-winning “Bad Blood” music video. “I was like, ‘Don’t ask me! Just get her to text me now!'”

Serayah went on to add that being friends with someone as popular as Swift doesn’t entail anything out of the ordinary, despite Swift’s celebrity status.

“We all hang out. We get together and we go eat and go to late-night cafés,” she stated. “I think people think it’s this celebrity gathering, but it’s just a bunch of girls, hanging out.”

Meanwhile, Serayah and a host of other women, recently ruled the red carpet with Swift before the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. Serayah even gave a shout out to the “Bad Blood” singer while presenting an award with her Empire costars.

“First of all, I would love to give a big congrats to my girl, Taylor Swift,” Serayah stated on stage.

At the same time, although being a part of Swift’s closest friends comes with a fair share of perks, it doesn’t come without controversy. In fact, according to the New York Post, some have described Swift’s entourage as being almost cult like.

While Ed Droste recently revealed that there are a set of rules everyone inside Swift’s squad has to follow, the singer’s friends were quick to come to her defense.

“@edwarddroste Bulls–t. The day I met her I was impressed how open of a heart she had and she has remained that way since. Don’t knock her,” model Martha Hunt stated on Twitter.

Whatever happens behind the scenes between Swift and her friends, the one thing that is clear is that being a part of her squad only adds to their own fame and fortune. When it comes to Serayah, who was recently bumped up to a series regular on Empire, it’s only another part of the actress’ growing success.

The second season of Empire is set to premiere September 23 on FOX.

[Image Courtesy: Frazer Harrison/Getty]