‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Spoilers: Major Deaths Coming, Negan Being Cast?

The Walking Dead Season 6 is only weeks away, and spoilers reveal that it is going to be the craziest season yet! Big deaths, shocking story lines, and possibly a feared character are all coming in the near future. [Warning: Spoilers below!]

Celeb Dirty Laundry reports that The Walking Dead Season 6 is going to be epic, with crazy plots and unforgettable scenes that everyone will be talking about every Monday. Serious Season 6 spoilers have recently been revealed, and fans will be watching in panic as they see what AMC has in store for them.

According to the report, the mid-season finale is going to be one for the book. Rumors are flying that Rick, Michonne, Jessie, Jessie’s two sons, Carl, and a few others will be trying to evade a herd of walkers that have invaded Alexandria.

In order to do so, they will have to use an old trick from Season 1 of The Walking Dead and smear zombie guts all over themselves. This will allow them to walk among the dead and try to plan an escape. However, Jessie’s youngest son, Sam, will be taken by walkers, and the mother will try to help him even though it’s a lost cause. In doing so, Jessie will grab on to Carl for stability and help, but will herself be pulled into the group of walkers. However, Jessie won’t let go of Carl’s arm, and Rick will be forced to cut off Jessie’s arm in order to save his son.

Unfortunately, it looks like Jessie and Sam will die, and Jessie’s oldest son will blame Rick. He will draw his gun and attempt to shoot Rick, but Carl will step in front of the gun and take a bullet to the eye. This means that the comic book story line of Carl losing his eye will seemingly come to life in Season 6. Later, Michonne will kill Jessie’s other son, and all three of them will be gone.

Meanwhile, fans have been hearing rumblings that The Walking Dead‘s most notorious villain, Negan, will soon be coming. This spells out bad news for one of the characters, as in the comic book series, Negan brutally kills fan favorite character Glenn Rhee by bashing his head in with a baseball bat covered in barbed wire, which he calls Lucille.

While Glenn is killed by Negan in the comics, that doesn’t mean that he’ll be the one to bite the dust on the television show. The TV series has altered the comic storylines a bit and has given famous deaths to different characters for the production value. For example, Tyreese’s comic book death of a beheading at the hands of the Governor was given to Hershel on the show. It looks like there could be hope for Glenn yet.

The Latin Post reports that Walking Dead execs have been quietly looking for someone to play the role of Negan, but have been trying to keep the casting call under wraps as to keep the fans in the dark about the character as much as possible.

While nothing is 100 percent confirmed, fans will have to officially tune in to The Walking Dead Season 6 to see if the spoilers will come true when the series returns on October 11.

[Photo Credit: AMC]