Meek Mill Blasts Fan Holding Drake Sign At His Concert — ‘Don’t Try Me At My Own Show!’ [VIDEO]

Meek Mill is still feeling the heat from his recent beef with Drake. He let his feelings show when a “fan” at a recent concert in Brooklyn held up a Drake sign, TMZ reports. Meek lost it, and told the fan, “The f**k you talking about you f**king clown!”

The Philadelphia-born rapper is obviously still not over a rap beef that most observers say that he lost. The Meek Mill-Drake beef all began when Meek took to Twitter to claim that Drake didn’t write his own raps. Reference tracks featuring the voice of Quentin Miller, one of the collaborators credited on Drake’s If You’re Listening to This, It’s Too Late, surfaced. Since many people thought that he wouldn’t respond to Meek Mill, Drake had a lot to prove and he did so — with bars.

Drake released a track in response called “Charged Up.”

Many felt that the track was a little lukewarm and Meek tweeted “Baby lotion soft” in response. Meek promised a diss track in response, but while we were waiting on that, Drake dropped “Back to Back” and it was straight fire. Here are some of the more scathing lines.

“I know Is that a world tour or your girl’s tour?

I know you gotta be a thug for her.

This is not when she meant when she asked you to open up more

Trigger fingers turn to twitter fingers..

You gettin bodied by a singin n***a..

I’m not the type of n***a that’ll type to n****s

Shout out to all my boss b***hes wifin n****s”

Meek Mill eventually released a diss track called “Wanna Know,” but it was not well received. Complex reports that Meek eventually removed the track from Soundcloud amidst cries of copyright infringement by the WWE because Meek used the Undertaker’s theme music on the track.

Drake’s “finish him” move came when he performed back to back at the OVO Fest in Toronto. While he was performing, he flashed memes that social media users had created that dissed Meek and his performance against Drake. Those were the last shots fired, and many consider the Meek Mill-Drake beef to be over.

Drake has definitely moved on. He’s been seen cuddled up with Serena Williams on multiple occasions. Meanwhile, Meek Mill is swearing at fans at his concert holding up Drake signs.

[Photo by Neilson Barnard / Getty Images]