WWE News: WWE Teases The Return Of WWE Legend Jeff Hardy, Set To Be Back In 2016?

When WWE teases things for WWE fans, it makes you wonder where they’re going with it. We all know that WWE.com workers sometimes just do stuff to appeal to the internet crowd, but it is not always something to look into. However, there are times where it can be seen as something interesting. Recently, WWE asked fans about who they wanted to see back in WWE.

Choices like Kurt Angle and Batista were among the names, but the one man who was ahead of them all by at one point over 20,000 votes was The Charismatic Enigma, Jeff Hardy. His brother, Matt Hardy, was also on the list with his fair share of votes. So what makes this an interesting thing at the end of the day? Jeff Hardy’s TNA deal expires in 2016.

Matt Hardy also left a little tease on Twitter for WWE fans during WWE RAW last night when The Dudley Boyz and Edge and Christian had a segment together.

Matt also shot out a video of their beloved triangle TLC match with all six men involved. Edge and Christian spoke about them on the Stone Cold Podcast later in the night as well with Jeff Hardy prominently featured in the videos of their TLC encounters.

While Jeff’s deal does expire next year, it is thought that Matt’s deal is on a per-date basis. So if Jeff Hardy were to leave, Matt Hardy would follow. WWE has expressed interest in bringing Jeff back in the past even when he made mistakes relating to drug issues. Meanwhile, Matt kind of got himself fired years ago, which he has since been apologetic over.

It is also thought that due to TNA having issues with their American television deal, they might have trouble continuing, which would let both Hardy’s out. It is also thought that TNA might let some big stars out of their contracts to save money and simply bring them in on a per-date basis. So if that is the case, Jeff Hardy easily could be back in WWE by the end of this year or before. As of now, however, the only time he would be able is most likely after WrestleMania 32.

It is also stated, simply as a rumor, that both are said to be coming back at the TLC PPV in December. While that is only rumored as of now, it would make total sense at the end of the day, seeing as there is a big history with them and TLC. If both Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy were out of their contracts by the end of this month, the December TLC show would happen to be after any 90 day clause would end, so take that little nugget for what it is worth.

[IMG Credit: Impactwrestling.com]