Kate Middleton Expected To Return To Royal Duties Next Week, Interested In Children And Mental Health Issues [Video]

Kate Middleton is expected to return to her royal duties as early as next week, reports the International Business Times. Middleton has been out of the public eye for most of the summer, sparking rumors that Kate is pregnant again and dealing with postpartum depression after the birth of Princess Charlotte.

The Duchess of Cambridge has been resting the past four months but is expected to begin meetings and appearances again, starting with a visit to the Anna Freud Centre in London. Middleton will work with organizations aimed at mental health issues in children and young adults, palace insiders reveal, according to the International Business Times.

Earlier this year, Kate attended a series of visits and presented a video during Children’s Mental Health Week, and the subject has been of interest to Middleton, particularly after visiting the Cape Hill Children’s Center in Smethwick, Birmingham last April. During that meeting, Kate met the women and children, making “eye-contact with all of us,” according to one witness, and listened intently to their “heart-wrenching stories,” reports People.

Princess Kate will also attend the Rugby World Cup at Twickenham, which kicks off September 18. Middleton, along with Prince William and brother-in-law Prince Harry, will join the Rugby World Cup opening ceremony, as well as visit Dundee and North Wales in late October and late November.

Much speculation has surrounded the absence of Kate from the public eye, and several papers spread rumors the Duchess is pregnant again. Celebrity news site Gossip Cop put an end to speculation after reporting from a palace official that the pregnancy rumors are “rubbish,” and Middleton is just resting after giving birth.

People magazine even reported in April that according to a palace official, Kate was expected to take a longer maternity leave after Charlotte than she did after Prince George was born. Kate “felt she came back too soon last time,” a palace official confessed to People, explaining that Middleton “wants to have that [family] and enjoy it with George and the new baby.”

The rumors began after Kate Middleton declined a wedding invitation at the last minute, asking sister Pippa to join Prince William at the last minute. According to an insider, the change was so last minute that Kate’s name “still appeared on the seating plan,” reports Vanity Fair, and caused such a buzz that everyone “was talking about it over breakfast the next morning.”

Kate Middleton and William have stressed that they want to give their children the most normal upbringing as possible and have spent a majority of their summer at their newly-renovated home in Norfolk.

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