High School Football Player Dies After Injury During Game: Football Team Mourns As Sport Injury Center Cites 77 Cases

Another high school football player dies after he was injured during a game, and the death of that Louisiana teenager has resulted into an investigation as to what happened to Tyrell Cameron, reported CNN.

The high school football player attended Franklin Parish High School. The injury occurred in the fourth quarter of a game, and Tyrell was taken to Franklin Medical Center. The high school student died soon after, according to the Franklin Parish coroner’s office.

The football player’s injury occurred amidst a punt return, explained Franklin Parish head coach Barry Sebren. When the Northeast Louisiana Ambulance Service saw what had happened to Tyrell, they dashed from the sidelines to see what they could do.

However, although the final cause of death has not yet been confirmed, at least one report revealed that Cameron’s neck had been broken. Following the news that the high school football player had died, the Franklin Parish Patriot Football High School Facebook page had a posting honoring their player.

“If you only know Tyrell Cameron in death, and didn’t know him in life, then you truly missed out on what is good in our country… he loved his family, his team, and the game of football. He will be missed… the next time you come across someone of a different race, or background, or religion, take a moment to get to know them, because you may get lucky enough to meet someone like Tyrell.”

But Cameron is far from the only high school football player who has died in a way associated with the game that he loved. The National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research compiles statistics, and cites 77 such cases dating back to 1995, with five occurring in 2014.

Moreover, a recent varsity game in Texas resulted in a broken neck for a 16-year-old high school football player named Jasiel Favors. Partly paralyzed as a result, Jasel was seen in a collision with two other high school football players by sophomore student Josh Moore.

“Pretty sad to see because he was just laying there, I was worried if he was still alive or not, because he didn’t move and they all swarmed, the cops swarmed over there,” revealed Moore.

After the news spread that high school football player Cameron had died, a vigil was held to remember him, reported KTVE 10 News.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Franklin Parish community during this tragic time. Life is precious and we all mourn the loss of this young man,” said Jason Thompson, Sterlington Football Coach, of the 16-year-old.

[Photo by Stephen Dunn / Getty Images]