Josh Duggar Update: Family Attends ‘Secret Sin’ Pornography Sermon

Shortly before Amy Duggar’s wedding this weekend, the Duggar family attended a church session amid the recent Josh Duggar bombshell of cheating and pornography addiction. The church sermon, conducted by Pastor Jeff Crawford, spoke of the secret sin of pornography addiction.

Entertainment Tonight (ET) reports that the intense sermon touched on how people in attendance may be going through the issues of porn addiction, and according to Crawford, God can help the family through the troubling times.

“Pornography is a sin. I know there are some folks in here today — pornography is a deal in your life.”

Although the pastor didn’t mention the Duggar family by name, who were in attendance, the message was insinuated that he knew what the family was going through with Josh Duggar, 27, who recently admitted to cheating on his wife.


Josh wasn’t present at the sermon. He’s still in a rehab center in Rockford, Illinois, for porn addiction, where he’s said to be attending Bible study classes and performing in activities. Yet, when the rehab center recently had public outings, Josh was nowhere in sight, leading people to speculate that he’s left the rehab center. The family has yet to confirm this.

Regardless, Crawford continued on with the sermon, stating that now is a time for healing and forgiveness, indicating that no one should judge others and their problems.

“We’re for healing. We’re for forgiveness. There is no judgment here.”

Josh’s wife, Anna, stood with the crowd as the sermon took place. Although she’s been dealing with the news of her husband’s infidelity, onlookers stated that she seemed to be happy and in good spirits, waving and smiling at others.

The Duggar family were among the last to leave sermon. They stayed behind to talk to other and pose for photos. Jessa and Ben Seewald were notably not in attendance.

There is no indication that Anna plans to leave Josh. In fact, sources indicate that she is learning to practice forgiveness to save her marriage. The couple have four children together. She also seemed to take Crawford’s sermon to heart when he said family needs to come first.

“We have to help ourselves and our families.”

Meanwhile, Josh Duggar hasn’t spoken on the issue of infidelity since last month, when he indicated that in a statement on his family website that, “I have been the biggest hypocrite ever. While espousing faith and family values, I have been unfaithful to my wife.”

[Photos Courtesy of Instagram]