What Is Vicki Gunvalson Hiding? ‘RHOC’ Star Stops Cameras When Her Daughter Questions Brooks Ayers’ Cancer

The ongoing drama surrounding Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers doesn’t seem like it is going away anytime soon. Although Gunvalson and Meghan King Edmonds continue to fight over whether or not Ayers has cancer, in the latest episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County, Gunvalson’s daughter Briana Culberson was dragged into the mix.

According to EnStarz, Gunvalson was visiting her daughter in Oklahoma when the topic of Culberson’s upcoming trip to Orange County was brought up. Instead of staying with Gunvalson, Culberson stated that her family is planning on staying in a hotel, which didn’t sit well with Gunvalson.

“We are coming into town and I don’t feel comfortable,” Culberson told her mother. “I’m bringing kids that take up a lot of space… a lot of room. I’m not doing that. I’m trying to be nice about it.”

However, Gunvalson would not let up and the two continued their argument, with Culberson revealing that Ayers was one reason why she didn’t want to stay in her mother’s home.

“None of this would be an issue if my mom hadn’t moved Brooks into the house,” she stated. “Why move someone into your family home that your family doesn’t want to be around?”

As soon as the topic of Ayers was brought up, Gunvalson suspiciously told the camera crew to stop filming.

“Cameras got to get down. I’m not talking about this on camera,” Gunvalson stated. “I’m not filming this. So, if you guys want to film this, I’m not going to be a part of it.”

According to Lalate News, the cameraman left the room but continued recording the conversation, which centered on Ayers and whether or not he has cancer.

Meanwhile, with the feud between Vicki Gunvalson and Edmonds continuing to escalate, the reality star recently stated that Edmond’s accusations are completely inappropriate.

“I grew up in the Midwest and where I come from if a family member or someone close gets diagnosed with cancer the community comes together, starts prayer chains, and delivers CASSEROLES,” Gunvalson stated. “Instead of compassion for Brooks, I got attacked and questioned about the existence of his cancer.”

Gunvalson went on to clear up one aspect of the argument by stating that Brooks was still in treatment.

“What I want to clear up is that Brooks did not stop TREATMENT, he is doing an alternative treatment which does not include chemo and is actually working, thank God!”

Catch the end of Vicki Gunvalson’s fight with her daughter on the next episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County Monday, September 14 on Bravo.

[Image Courtesy: Bravo]