Bradley Cooper Introduces Irina Shayk To His Mom

Hot, hunky American Sniper actor, Bradley Cooper, spent the Labor Day weekend surrounded by all that he loves –his girlfriend Irina Shayk, his mom, and the Jersey Shore — stopping to make a number of his fans happy along the way.

Bradley and Irina were busy making headlines over the summer as their relationship was heating up while in Europe. But Cooper has now returned to the States so that he can get back on set filming the CBS show Limitless which picks up again after the long weekend.

But before getting back to work, People reports that Bradley Cooper showed up at a number of spots on the Jersey shore, including Bob’s Grill on the Ocean City Boardwalk where he ate lunch with his mom, Gloria Campano. While there, he had his picture taken with some of the staff, like waitress Mary Grace Carson.

“It was so cool, he was really polite and took pictures with all the girls.”

He also indulged in ice cream at Richman’s Ice Cream shop in Brigantine, and stopped in at a seafood restaurant called Steve & Cookie’s by the Bay in Margate City to have dinner with his mom, girlfriend, and a few friends. Cookie Till, owner of the restaurant, gave a summarized version of how the night went down as reported by E! Online.

“They ate the whole menu, pretty much, and I sent them all our homemade desserts. They were just enjoying the company. It was just [Cooper’s] mother, his girlfriend, another gentleman and a couple.”

And, of course, the weekend was filled with love and PDA’s between Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk. The seriousness of their relationship was highlighted by the fact she was invited along to Bradley Cooper’s annual family gathering on the Jersey Shore. Irina, the Russian model who has worked with Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated, has been Bradley Cooper’s main squeeze for several months now, and this was the grand opportunity for her to meet Bradley’s mom.

Bradley Cooper’s connection to the Jersey Shore was talked about in a 2012 interview, quoted by New York Daily News.

“I grew up going to Brigantine. We used to go there when the (tourist attraction) Brigantine Castle existed. It burnt down. My grandfather bought a house there in 1960, and they would go crabbing all the time.”

For his part, Bradley Cooper appeared to make Irina feel at home in his childhood stomping grounds, but showed his love for his gal over the weekend with plenty of hugs and kisses that were captured by waiting cameras.

[Photo from Getty Images / Andrew H. Walker]