Sony To Update All Tablets With Google Android 4.0

Sony on Sunday confirmed to CNet that the entire line of Sony tablet devices in all regions will receive an over-the-air update which brings with it Android 4.0. The company says the new updates will be made available via over-the-air updates.

Sony had previously announced its plans to offer the Google Android 4.0 update but did not provide a timeline for those updates until Sunday afternoon.

Some Sony Tablets have already received the upgrade including the Sony Tablet S in the United States, however other tablets, specifically those located in Europe and Japan have been left with the older and less stable Google Android 3.2.1 system.

Some of the top updates for Google Android 4.0 include a panoramic camera mode, an updated gallery viewer with SD card access and browser enhancements among other bug fixes, security updates and other new features that users have generally found worth the update.

Google and Sony are hoping that the international roll-out for Google Android 4.0 will appease customers who have long complained that the fragmentation of Google Android has let to varying regional timetables for new product releases while other devices have skipped over Google Android upgrades all together. Apple in comparison is able to update any devices they choose at the same time, allowing iOS to more easily be adapted as upgrades become available on a worldwide basis. Apple up until this point has included all iPad versions in their upgrades including the original and now outdated iPad.

The exact updates for each tablet region are not known, Sony however will send a message to each users device when the time for an upgrade has arrived.