California Ice Age Fossils: Incredible Discovery Made By Construction Workers [Video]

An incredible discovery was made by construction workers who were working on a new home development project in Carlsbad, California. According to a report from the San Diego Union-Tribune, a treasure trove of fossils from the Ice Age were unearthed and some are said to be as old 200,000 years.

Regarding the California Ice Age fossil discovery, Cornerstone Communities, a home building and development company, released the following statement via Facebook.

“A treasure trove of ice age fossils has turned up at the Old Creek Trails construction site in Carlsbad south of state Route 78. Bones of ancient mammoths, horses, turtles and even a prehistoric bison — the second ever found in San Diego County — have been unearthed at the site, said Tom Deméré, curator of paleontology at the San Diego Natural History Museum. All the fossils are from the Pleistocene Epoch, also known as the ice age, and are from 50,000 to 200,000 years old.”

The first bones were discovered soon after initial construction began in July. Tom Deméré, the curator of paleontology at the San Diego Museum of Natural History, explained that “there may be more at the site.”

As of the time of this report, construction has been temporarily placed on hold as paleontologists work the site and finish with the excavation process.

The California Ice Age fossil discovery includes the bones of ancient mammoths, horses, turtles, and even a prehistoric bison, which is considered an extremely rare find. According to Tom Deméré, the remains will provide information on climate change during the Ice Age. The fossils can also help to provide clues on the influence of global warming, scientists say.

“It’s really an exciting project in terms of the geology and paleontology,” Deméré explained. “The fossils have the potential to tell us a great deal about the climate, the environment, the ecology of that time when they were living. They are direct connections with the past, an ancient ecosystem that was once common here.”

As Nature World Report points out, this is not the first time Ice Age fossils have been found at a construction site. Since 2011, crews have inventoried 529 types of fossils altogether. The report states that of the 529 fossils found, 168 are vertebrates, such as sharks, and 267 are invertebrates, such as scallops — some as big as dinner plates. Thirty-nine are plants, such as fossilized pine cones; and 55 are other ancient items, from animal tracks to burrows.

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