Beached Great White Shark Shocks Labor Day Beachgoers

When vacationers discovered a great white shark stranded on a Cape Cod beach this Labor Day, something strange happened. Instead of keeping their distance, or fleeing, the beachgoers banded together in an attempt to rescue the mighty beast.

Despite a frantic rescue attempt, which involved a crowd of roughly 100 people, according to the Boston Globe, the shark didn’t survive the ordeal.

The beached great white was reportedly 14 feet long, and the rescue effort began with concerned vacationers dumping water on the stranded animal.

As the crowd grew, others began to dig a pool around the beached great white. The pool was filled with water, which they hoped would help the shark breathe.

Unfortunately, simply keeping a great white’s gills wet isn’t enough to prevent it from “drowning” in the air. Great whites rely on a process called ram ventilation to breathe, which essentially means that if they aren’t swimming, they aren’t breathing.

The culmination of the rescuers efforts was caught on video, as the crowd dug a channel, tied a rope around the beached great white’s tail, and pulled it back into the ocean.