‘Metal Gear Solid V’ Supports Custom Soundtracks With Hilarious Results

Enjoy jamming to your cassette tape as you try and infiltrate the next Soviet base as Big Boss in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain but wish you could jam out to your own music? Well, if you’re on PC you can, and already the internet is offering some hilarious results.

As reported by Gampur, PC players of Metal Gear Solid V can easily upload their own music to the “Custom Soundtrack” folder in the game’s files. By doing so, players can listen to the music via Snake’s cassette tape. However, this feature is only available on PC, though interestingly enough, it was available in the last gen versions of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. Why it’s not available in the Xbox 360/PS3 version when it was clearly possible before isn’t known, but as of now, the feature is only available on PC.

Thankfully, the practice of using the custom soundtrack has resulted in some hilarity, given the otherwise serious nature of the game. If you’re far enough in Metal Gear Solid V, chances are you’ve had the chance to outfit your support chopper with speakers to play some of your favorite music. While calling in an attack helicopter (or simply listening to your cassette) to play wacky ’80s synth music at Soviets in the Afghanistan desert may seem on its own weird and out of place, add John Cena’s music from the WWE and you’ve got an outrageous backdrop to ensure your objective.

Or maybe you wanted to add a bit of Arnold and Terminator into your Metal Gear Solid life.

Though you could also “Spice” things up a bit.

The ability to add custom music into Metal Gear Solid V isn’t necessarily a big deal, but it’s the wacky ways with which you can implement your soundtrack that makes the game better. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has been receiving unanimous acclaim from every major games outlet, with both GameSpot and IGN giving the game a perfect 10/10. The open-ended nature of Metal Gear Solid V allows for experiences such as those above, letting fans who haven’t always been the best at stealth gameplay a chance to mix up their adventures as Big Boss, no longer punishing them for approaching the mission objective with more of an “Iron Fist” than in previous iterations of the series.

Enjoying Metal Gear Solid V? Have you imported your own custom soundtrack yet? Share your favorite experiences with the game in the comment below.

[Image via Konami]