New Wii U Controller Spotted On Twitter, Quickly Removed [Pic]

Nintendo’s Wii U is expected to reach retail locations in time for the holiday shopping season, perhaps even by summer or fall and in the meantime it looks as if Nintendo may have slightly altered the final Wii U console controller that will ultimately be sold with the company’s new console.

Nintendo is expected to bring the final version of Wii U to E3 next month in Los Angeles and early reviews of the systems controller were mixed. The new controller appears to be more ergonomically-designed.

Also added to the new version of the controller are proper analog sticks that replace the original nub-style controller. The new Wii U console controller also appears to be wider, allowing for better spacing around the D-pad and buttons.

We already known that the new device lacks the graphical capabilities of the PS3 and Xbox 360 which means Nintendo will likely focus on the usability of the controller and any new features it has hidden up its sleeves.

Nintendo has built its new revolutionary Wii platform around motion capabilities and addictive games that are fun for kids, parents and even grandma and grandpa to play.

In the meantime Nintendo is apparently trying to be as secretive about its new project as possible, a short time after the Nintendo Wii controller appeared on Twitter it was removed with no explanation.

Do you think the new Wii U system will be able to capture peoples fascination the way the original Nintendo Wii did when it was first released?