Justin Bieber Rocks The Drums For Indiana Cover Band — Check Out His Skills [Video]

Justin Bieber has got some serious skills on the drums. He proved that recently when he joined an Indiana cover band, Bonafide, on drums at their recent gig, Gossip Cop reports.

Bieber was one of the fist people to show up at the club. Nobody in the band objected when he asked to jam with them on the drums.

“He just looked like a normal kid in the bar, except for the hat and hoodie.” Heidi Herber one of the band’s members told News Channel 15. “We had no idea [he was going to be there], in fact, he was one of the first people in bar.”

When people finally recognized Bieber, social media blew up, and fans began to converge on the bar. Soon, a long line formed outside the Indiana bar where Bieber and Bonafide were playing.

“It was a social media frenzy. The phones started to come out,” Herber said. “Social media is extremely powerful.”

According to People Magazine, the bar ended up having to call the police for extra security. Although it was probably pretty uncomfortable for Beiber, it was a pretty good opportunity for Bonafide to get some exposure for their music. They were actually grateful Bieber showed up and jammed with them.

Bieber was in Indiana to visit his friend Roy Kramer, who wrote of the visit on Instagram, “Not everyday your friend buys a plane ticket to hang out with you. #EnjoyTheSmallThings.”

Bieber didn’t announce that he would be in Indiana, but he did tweet about it when he was already there.

The club that Bieber was at, The Venue, also tweeted, “Yes gang Justin Bieber was here last night he is in town attending the Auctions America auction in Auburn Indiana! It was pretty freakin sweet if you missed it!!”

Bieber has been playing the drums ever since he was a toddler, Gossip Cop reports. He recently showed off his skills on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, where he participated in a drum of with Questlove, the legendary drummer from The Roots.

Justin Bieber is set to release his new album on November 13. His singles “What Do You Mean?” and “Where Are You Now?” are doing well on the charts. He recently released a behind-the-scenes sneak peak of the music video for “What do You Mean?” Fans can expect skateboarding, kidnappings, and makeout sessions.

It’s a must watch for any Justin Bieber fan who can’t wait to see the full video.

[Photo via Facebook/The Venue]