‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Finale Spoilers: Another Split, A Big Romantic Gesture On The Way

Sunday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise was quite the emotional one. There was a big split that left everybody shaken, and there were numerous departures. The final episode of Season 2 airs Monday night, and viewers are anxious for some Bachelor in Paradise spoilers about how everything wraps up.

As ABC teases, the couples who are still in paradise will be reeling from the last big split, leading some to question their own relationships in Mexico. At this point, four couples remain, and they all get the opportunity for final dates and an overnight fantasy suite. According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, all four remaining couples will go ahead with the dates.

Though everybody does move forward with the dates, ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that there will be at least some reservations. Tenley considers whether a future with Joshua is really a fit, while Cassandra wonders if it’s too soon for an overnight date with Justin.

After the dates, the couples will be told to spend the day considering their relationships and futures. A final rose ceremony is ahead, and everybody will take some time on their own to think about their decisions.

The final rose ceremony will prompt a decision from each couple about whether to remain together as a couple beyond paradise. Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that not every couple will make it through the final ceremony together.

The network shares that there is another heartbreaking split coming in Monday’s finale. According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, one bachelorette’s hesitations about the relationship she’s spent five weeks developing leads to a decision to leave paradise alone.

Though “Bachelor Nation” fans had been hoping that Molzahn would find love again via this season, it seems she ultimately decides a lasting love with Joshua isn’t meant to be. Just when and how that happens in Monday’s finale, though, has not yet been detailed.

Another bachelor will hesitate on handing out a rose, and Bachelor in Paradise spoiler previews have shown that this is Tanner in relation to Jade. Are these two about to split, as well?

Considering that Jade and Tanner have been together all season, seemingly with little doubt or drama in their relationship, fans would be surprised if they didn’t stick together. However, the network certainly is trying to plant some seeds of doubt.

Luckily, per Reality Steve’s spoilers, Jade and Tanner do decide to stay together. In fact, Steve’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers detail that Tanner proposes and Jade accepts.

Interestingly, it is said that Justin and Cassandra, as well as Nick and Samantha, choose to stay together as the season ends as well. While one of those pairs has reportedly since split, the other apparently is still together.

The show is teasing that this last After Paradise will be a juicy one, as Carly and Kirk are slated to appear. Reality Steve’s spoilers have indicated that the two have not reconciled, and have not managed to get back on good terms. There will be plenty of other updates in this episode as well, and fans can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

Will Reality Steve’s spoilers about this finale be accurate? Will Jade and Tanner manage to eventually walk down the aisle? Fans can’t wait to see the rest of the drama play out as the Season 2 finale of Bachelor in Paradise airs Monday night on ABC.

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