WWE Rumors, Spoilers: What Will Happen On ‘RAW’ Tonight? — Partner For Ambrose And Reigns, Sting, Dudley Boyz, More

It is indeed Labor Day, but that doesn’t mean the men and women of WWE have the day off, and tonight is Monday Night RAW. There is already a lot on tap for the big show as there are just two weeks until Night of Champions, but plenty of unexpected things could be coming. Let’s check out the top rumors for tonight’s RAW, as there could be an appearance by a vigilante and the debut of an NXT star.

As posted on WWE.com, the five-point preview for RAW talks about what is likely to happen tonight, but they don’t mention everything. One of the biggest things is the possible partner for Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, so they are no longer outnumbered against the Wyatt Family.

Braun Strowman joined the Wyatts, and now outnumber the former Hounds of Justice. Even though rumors persist that The Shield is going to regroup, it won’t be happening before Night of Champions, and a partner is needed.

Well, one rumor is that Erick Rowan could join up with Ambrose and Reigns, but that doesn’t make much sense. WWE may have accidentally spoiled their partner on Saturday, though, and that was by quickly posting an image of NXT star Baron Corbin on their website.

wwe night of champions baron corbin

It’s not known if it will be Corbin, Rowan, or someone else, but WWE may have spilled it. Their preview does state that tonight on RAW, Ambrose and Reigns may end up finding help, and it looks like Baron Corbin will be making his WWE main roster debut.

The icon known as Sting has been on RAW the past two weeks to build up his WWE Title match with Seth Rollins at Night of Champions, but he wasn’t scheduled for this week. Well, things always are subject to change.

Sting is now set to appear on RAW tonight after opening and closing the show last week. It isn’t known what he will be doing or how much he will be involved, but expect to see “The Vigilante” on RAW this evening.

Cageside Seats has looked at a number of rumored matches that could be on the next PPV’s card, and they will likely be built up tonight. Some other things to watch for on RAW include the following.

  • A WWE Tag Team Title match being confirmed that is a triple threat between The New Day, Dudley Boyz, and Prime Time Players.
  • Dolph Ziggler will have to deal with Summer Rae making things very complicate for him and Lana.
  • Charlotte continues to prepare for her first ever Divas Title match against Nikki Bella.

Night of Champions is on the way from WWE, but a lot of build time is still left until it all goes down. Sting is set to make yet another appearance on Monday Night RAW, and it looks like Baron Corbin is making the jump from NXT, but only time will tell.

[Image via WWE]