Travis Scott Blasts Bored Crowd As ‘F****ts’ And ‘Queers,’ Then Later Tweets His ‘Respect For The LGBT Community’

Travis Scott may have just taken a huge hit to his LGBT fan base. During a Sunday night performance, Travis grew irritated when some members of the crowd weren’t enthusiastic enough for his liking. Scott proceeded to lay into a group of bored concertgoers with a series of homophobic slurs.

“I ain’t cool with none of you f****ts who just sitting here looking like a bunch of queers. You wearing a f***ing La Flame shirt, motherf***er, you better act like it, b***h — I’ma rip it off your f***ing back.”

Unfortunately for Travis, that encounter was caught on video by offended members of the audience. Scott’s words were then uploaded to social media.

Travis is clearly aware that homophobic language can be a career killer today. Within hours of the video beginning to pick up coverage, Scott has already taken to Twitter in order to explain his outburst.

Several of the responses to Scott’s apology seemed less than impressed with his groveling. Travis is now faced with the difficult task of convincing the public that he didn’t mean words that they’ve now seen him say. Scott’s situation is duly problematic because the comments are so fresh. Some even called for Rihanna to end her association with him.

Despite Travis encountering heavy controversy over his homophobic remarks, many of his fans — even a few identifying as LGBT — were supportive of his desire to learn from the situation.

What do you think about Travis Scott using homophobic language?

[Image via Robin Marchant/Getty Images]