Louis Tomlinson Asked To Save ‘X Factor,’ Briana, Anti-Bullying Campaign

The next time fans see Louis Tomlinson, he may be wearing a cape because he is being challenged to be a full-time superhero — and save the people around him.

From the sanity of his baby’s mother to the X Factor, Louis Tomlinson is spending his final days in America under pressure. Despite the fact that One Direction’s On the Road Again tour ends in America on September 12, the headlines about Louis Tomlinson have been focused on a bunch of disasters that seem to exclusively need his attention.

For instance, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, Louis Tomlinson’s baby has been rumored to be fathered by another person, but Louis has no intentions of stepping back in parenting his good friend Briana Jungwirth’s baby. Briana is doing well, but she has been dealing with security issues since she is involved with Louis Tomlinson.

Allegedly, OK Magazine insiders reported on September 5 that Louis Tomlinson is making sure Briana feels comfortable by buying a multi-million dollar home for her to reside in in California.

“Louis is said to want Briana to be comfortable, calm and relaxed ahead of the birth of their child and has invited her parents – Tammi and Brett – to live in the house with her. Situated within a gated estate, 10 miles from her current family home, Briana will benefit from mountain views, a golf course and 24/7 security.”

Adding to this, Simon Cowell is also sending out the distress signals and needs Louis Tomlinson’s help with keeping the X Factor a success. According to recent reports, Simon Cowell initially desired Louis Tomlinson to return to the X Factor as a judge — but was not insisting either way.

However, Simon Cowell’s tune may have changed, and Cowell now seems to feel that Louis Tomlinson returning to the X Factor is the ultimate solution to all of Cowell’s problems.

On September 6, the Sun stated, “Simon Cowell is drafting in 1D’s Louis Tomlinson to save X Factor after it suffered a huge ratings crash…”

Adding to this, an insider told the Sun the following about Louis Tomlinson and X Factor.

“Simon is pulling out the big guns as he is still determined to make this series a huge success. One Direction have always been big ratings winners and Louis is the most outspoken of the band. He won’t be afraid to tell people if they’re terrible, which Simon loves.”

In the end, it is apparent that Louis Tomlinson loves spending his free time saving people in distress — and his long list of favorite charities are proof. For this reason, Louis Tomlinson fans should not be surprised to learn he has been nominated by a charity.

Many fans on Twitter want Louis Tomlinson to notice their causes, but one group has gone as far as nominating Louis Tomlinson directly. The Twitter account for Anti-Bullying Pro tweeted the following on September 5.

“Louis Tomlinson, We nominate you to go #Back2School by sharing your school photo. Help us stand up to bullying!”

[Feature image via Stuart C. Wilson/Stringer/Getty Images]