Shia LaBeouf Only Wants To Work With Friends From Now On

Shia LaBeouf has long been thought of as one of the most eccentric actors in all of Hollywood. That image of Shia isn’t likely to fade away after LaBeouf made a statement in recent interviews he is only working with people who he considers friends, individuals with whom he has an actual “connection.” The statements come during a press junket for the actor’s newest project, Man Down.

In the movie, directed by Dito Montiel, LaBeouf plays a soldier who is looking for his estranged wife and child after a cataclysmic event separates the family. Shia and the director both say that while the film has some war movie aspects, it’s really about a man trying to get his child back. Montiel even suggested the flick is more a Kramer vs. Kramer type film with a very different setting. This is the second time that the actor and director have worked together, and Shia says that Montiel came to him at just the right time, when LaBeouf was in a pretty dark place, according to Page Six.

“He came to my house when I was in a really low place and offered it to me like therapy, like ‘here’s a healing process so we can jump into together and get well.'”

Perhaps this is why Shia has stated he’s no longer working with people he doesn’t feel comfortable around.

“I want to work with people that I have a connection with,” Shia LaBeouf said later in the interview, according to Entertainment Weekly. “I think for a while I was chasing the 10 list, right? The 10 directors you want to work with — and that didn’t fare well for me.”

Shia added he does much better with loving, familial environments. LaBeouf said he wants to be in an environment where he feels like he can fail and there will be someone there to pick him up and help him to the other side. It seems as if this strategy has worked most recently after going through a period of time where LaBeouf was so tired of Hollywood that Shia had actually announced his retirement. These days, Shia LaBeouf says he is trying to make as many friends as he can and then turn around and work only with those people.

[Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images for BFI]