Fiat Pranks VW On Google Maps

If you look up Volkswagen’s Head Quarters in Sodertalje, Sweden, on Google Maps you’ll probably see a brand new Fiat 500 parked outside.

Fiat noticed that one of Google’s Street View cars was driving around filming in the area so the company decided to get some free advertising at their competitors expense. According to CNet, an employee at Fiat drove about 30 miles from Stockholm to park a new Fiat 500 in front of VW’s HQ. And sure enough, the Google car drove by and snapped a picture.

If you go to Google Maps and search for “Volkswagen Group Sverige AB, Sodertalje, Sweden,” you’ll see the red Fiat parked right at VW’s front door.

MSNBC reports that you can see the red car at other locations around Sweden if you scroll around on Google Maps. Apparently, the marketing team at Fiat decided to trail one of the Google cars to get some free advertising around Sweden.

The car, for the moment, is in plain view in front of Volkswagen. But it’s probably only a matter of time until VW has its rival blurred out of Google Maps.

What do you think of Fiat’s prank?