'General Hospital' Spoilers: Jake Saves Sonny's Life, Carson Wedding May Still Happen

After a day off for Labor Day, General Hospital will be back in full swing starting on Tuesday. There is expected to be lots of action, especially on the mob front in Port Charles. On Friday's cliffhanger, Sonny Corinthos was shot by an unknown assailant hiding in the shadows. The mob boss was trying to save TJ Ashford, but it was basically an ambush. Now that his life is on the line, does this mean that Sonny will end up losing his life? According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, his life is saved by none other than his thought-to-be-dead hitman, Jason Morgan, aka Jake Doe.

This General Hospital spoiler is likely true, as Jake and Sam heard the shots on the docks coming from the warehouse. Jake protected Sam as they both ducked for cover. Jake will end up investigating and will find Sonny lying there and TJ all tied up yelling for help. This may trigger some memories of his best friend and the mob life that used to be.

Sonny will be carted off to the hospital, where his family and friends will be waiting for news if he lives or dies. This is when daughter Kristina is expected to show up as she was rumored to be coming back to Port Charles. Actress Lexi Ainsworth is returning to this role, and many fans are happy about this. It will be great to have those Davis girls all back together once again.

Of course, there is the question as to whether the Carson wedding will happen now that the groom has been shot. According to a sneak peek that ABC posted, Carly at this point has no idea that Sonny is missing and that no one knows where he is. Maxie breaks the news to the bride that he is not ready to walk down the aisle because he is nowhere to be found.

It may be a couple of days before Carly finds out what happened to Sonny at the warehouse. She will go running to the hospital to be with him and to learn his fate. Will she change her mind about remarrying Sonny and getting back into the life of a mobster's wife? CDL says that this couple will indeed wed and that they will end up having a hospital wedding. It's not very romantic, but then again, this is the fifth time they have gotten hitched.

With the flashbacks that Jake/Jason is expected to have during Sonny's shooting, this will lead up to the long-awaited reveal that Jake Doe is really Jason Morgan. It has been a long time coming for fans to see this happen and to have Jason back with Sam. Of course, this means that there will be definite repercussions for Elizabeth and Nikolas.

Are you more than ready to have Jason Morgan back on General Hospital? Will he go right back into the mob as Sonny's hitman?

[Photo courtesy of Angela Weiss/Getty Images]