‘GTA V’ Is Holding A Labor Day Event With Big Online Savings For Military Vehicles

In order to celebrate Labor Day, Rockstar Games is wrapping up an online event that has been running for multiple days within Grand Theft Auto V. Beginning last Friday, the developer revealed to fans via their official Twitter account that they would hold four days worth of GTA Online festivities throughout the long weekend which offer fans the chance for various bonus rewards and huge savings on in-game items.

Looking to please fans that might have the holiday off, Rockstar Games is saving event’s biggest sales for Labor Day itself. Each day of the weekend introduced new bonuses and featured a new set of discounted gear. While detailing the schedule for the GTA V online event, the Rockstar Newswire blog confirmed that players will be able to enjoy a discount on the games full stock of military vehicles all day long this Monday. Furthermore, gamers will received double the normal amounts of RP and cash payouts for taking part in any multiplayer deathmatches in Grand Theft Auto Online.

“Cap off the long weekend with some urban warfare compliments of Warstock Cache & Carry. All day Monday, get 25% off their entire stock and earn 2X RP & GTA$ payouts in all Deathmatches.”

Gamers can purchase items any item that “Warstock Cache & Carry” has to offer by accessing GTA V‘s internal internet through their in-game iFruit phone. Since the Warstock store is the franchise’s main supplier of military-grade equipment, the Labor Day sale gives fans access to many of the best tactical vehicles available within GTA Online. As one might expect from this kind of high-end gear, many of these items cost millions of dollars, so today’s 25 percent savings can begin to really add up.

Grand Theft Auto V - Rockstar Games

After the launch of online heist missions in Grand Theft Auto V, plenty of users were able to make small fortunes for their online characters by successfully taking on title’s new large-scale robberies. Completing these jobs gives players access to an even bigger stock of expensive military vehicles that will be included as part of the Labor Day discounts.

However, as the Inquisitr reported last week, online heists aren’t the only way that players are earning millions inside GTA Online. Rockstar Games recently shared statistics revealing how many daily objectives have been completed by individual player-created crews since the challenges were first introduced. The developer confirmed that players have managed to earn millions through daily missions so far.

What are your thoughts on limited-time online events? Are you glad to see the bonuses or do they make you feel like you’ve missed out if you weren’t able to play GTA V on the right days?

[Images via Rockstar Games]