Ferrets Playing In Plastic Eggs Goes Viral, But It May Creep Some Folks Out [Video]

There is a very short video going viral online that shows more than 12 ferrets having fun in a blue pool. The pool isn’t filled with water. Instead, the ferrets have their fun frolicking around in a bunch of colorful plastic eggs, as reported by Fox. Oddly enough, it was 21 weeks ago, reports Instagram, that the short video of the ferrets playing around in a pool of eggs was posted to the social sharing site.

Appearing on the Instagram account titled “Elyse @elm238,” the video belongs to Elyse Meyer of Tampa. Meyer proclaimed that she uploaded the 15-second video to her Instagram page, but it was a French website that eventually picked up on her cute video and caused it to go viral.

Indeed, the fact that popular Facebook pages like “Best Vines,” which enjoys 21,775,110 likes on Facebook, picked up on the ferret video helped to increase the popularity of the short video.

Ferrets love their new pool of plastic easter eggs by Elyse Meyer

That specific Facebook post gained 126,430 likes — along with 53,974 comments and 71,685 shares. While the majority of the comments related to the ferret video are fun and fascinating, with users claiming the ferret frolicking has made their day — others admit that the ferret video freaks them out.

“Okay this just freaks me out.”

Perhaps it’s because millions of people have watched the ferret video, and out of those millions, some are folks who don’t necessarily like looking at objects containing bunches of round objects placed together. As shown on the Today show, one particular photo of a flower that contained a bunch of circles that looked like eyes placed closely together freaked out some viewers.

However, the ferret video is mostly full of fun, especially in light of the fact that Meyer rescues ferrets. That would explain why there are at least a dozen ferrets playing around in the pool of plastic eggs in the viral video — with reportedly 17 ferrets in all playing around.

“I have pools of beans, rice, wiffle balls, ping pong balls, and then when I saw the eggs were on sale after Easter I decided to buy all of them and fill another kiddie pool…obviously it was a big hit.”

Those leaving comments on the video on Facebook are calling it both cute and creepy all at once.

“Honestly I think this is as cute as terrifying.”

Perhaps you have to be a person who loves ferrets not to be freaked out by all the ferret frolicking.

[Images via Instagram]