Dwayne Bryant’s Selfie Goes Viral After State Trooper Rips Up His $150 Speeding Ticket

There’s a photo going viral online that involves a black man’s reaction after being stopped by state police. According to Fox 59, Dwayne Bryant was stopped in Indiana for speeding in the northwest portion of the state. After Bryant was reportedly going 85 miles per hour in a zone that he should’ve been traveling only 65 miles per hour within, the motivational speaker found himself stopped by a state trooper.

Not only was Bryant reportedly speeding, but he also cut across three lanes of traffic prior to the trooper stopping him. Perhaps it was because Dwayne found himself racing to his next speaking gig in Battle Creek, Michigan, that the man put the pedal to the proverbial metal to get there on time.

However, Bryant found himself pulled over by a trooper, reports WFLA. That’s when Dwayne got a $150 speeding ticket – and not the reckless driving citation that Bryant could’ve gotten for going so fast.

Before even speaking with the officer, Bryant gave himself a pep talk – and told himself that he needed to practice what he preached to his students. That meant remaining calm and not inciting the incident into something worse. Bryant said that he thought about Sandra Bland’s tragic situation – and even that $150 speeding ticket was torn up by the trooper. As explained on his Ask Big Brother DB Facebook page, Bryant explained what he believed prompted the trooper to tear up the ticket – beyond Bryant being respectful and admitting that he was speeding.

I believe the BEST in me brought out the BEST in him and the Spirit of God was present; therefore the outcome was an amazing one.

Bryant’s story is going viral based on the positive outcome that rarely makes the news.

After about 5 min. He came back with a citation. He told me in Indiana, he could have written me up for reckless driving because I was going over 20mph. Instead, he was only going to give me a $150 ticket. He asked me to give him back the ticket. I didn’t know what was about to happen, but I had NO fear during the entire encounter. He tore up the ticket, told me to sit tight, then he brought back a WARNING instead of a ticket.

I am crying in my car, because God is SOOOO faithful! I sincerely believe, in MOST instances, it is OUR ATTITUDE, OUR BEHAVIOR, OUR RESPONSE that dictates the officer’s response.

[Image via Dwayne Bryant]