September 7, 2015
Fans Of 2NE1's Dara And Big Bang's G-Dragon Ship 'DARAGON' Because Both K-Pop Stars Sport The Same Hair Color

If there is one major flaw obsessed fans of Korean stars have, it is they associate the littlest details between said Korean stars to mean they are in a relationship. As a result, there are numerous speculating rumors on alleged relationships such as Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk for example.

On the K-pop side, all eyes are recently on two K-pop idols. The first is Sandara Park, also known as Dara of 2NE1. Her rumored relationship with Kim Soo Hyun has been a hot topic since she first made a cameo appearance alongside him in My Love From Another Star. The other is Kwon Ji Yong, better known as G-Dragon of Big Bang. His on-again/off-again relationship with Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara has plagued gossip for years.

However, fans of both Dara and G-Dragon are overly hyped at the possibility that both K-pop idols might be dating. Their reasons, however, do border ridiculousness because they are primarily basing it on one minute detail: they both have the same hair color.

Dara and G-Dragon's came up with the assumption the two are dating when both Dara and G-Dragon uploaded pictures of their new hair color on their official Instagram accounts. Both pictures in question are attached below for comparison and contrast. Dara's picture is on the left while G-Dragon's picture is on the right.

Dara and G-Dragon Hair Pictures
The side-by-side pictures of Dara and G-Dragon show they both have dyed their hair a dark shade of blackish purple.

The above pictures have sparked an all-out discussion on numerous fan sites as well as comments on both Dara and G-Dragon's Instagram accounts, as reported by KpopStarz. Those in support of DARAGON (the official name of the Dara and G-Dragon pairing) cite the timing of the photo uploads and the rumors of G-Dragon breaking up with Kiko Mizuhara as their relationship being real. More grounded fans however cite that the two cannot simply be dating just on hair color alone.

In conclusion, the possibility of Dara and G-Dragon dating is a far cry given the fact both 2NE1 and Big Bang are signed on to YG Entertainment. The label often considers itself a "family" (thus why it is at times known as YG Family). With that in mind, they have gone on record to say that family "doesn't date each other."

[Featured Image via YG Entertainment, Post Image via Dara and G-Dragon's Official Instagram Accounts]