‘Game Of Thrones’ Is Set To Become A Pinball Machine

Well, just when you think you have heard everything in relation to Game of Thrones, HBO goes and throws a pinball-sized teaser into the mix. If hearing the opening credits played to every different musical instrument known to man and under every musical genre is something you like, now you just might get to add dazzling pinball machine-style to the growing list.

According to The Wall Street Journal, this reality may actually be a real thing as they posted the following video teaser recently:

Stern Pinball has also posted the following image to their Facebook page in regards to the Game of Thrones pinball machine:

Game of Thrones Stern Pinball HBO 2

Imagine just how much fun a pinball version of Game of Thrones would actually be? Fans could shoot steel balls at Joffrey’s head, knock down an entire expanse of white walkers with one ball, and watch Cersei Lannister spin — drink in hand — as balls race past her.

As yet, HBO and Stern Pinball have not released any more details about this exciting new Game of Thrones concept, although The Wall Street Journal suggested there would be more news available on Tuesday.

HBO has released other Game of Thrones-inspired gaming products, including a Monopoly tie-in, puzzles and card games. Added to this merchandise are the usual T-shirts, coffee cups, key rings and Funko Pop dolls. Some of the more unusual merchandising ideas inspired by Game of Thrones include the Game of Thrones soundtrack released on vinyl, replica character swords and dragon egg paperweights. Now, with the advent of a pinball machine, they may have just created their most expensive Game of Thrones merchandise item yet.

Stern Pinball has been manufacturing pinball machines since the 1930’s and can be traced back to the founding of modern pinball as we know it. Over the years, the company has evolved and is still considered one of industry leaders in regards to innovation and design. Some of Stern Pinball’s popular machines includes models designed around The Walking Dead, KISS, WWE and Star Trek, so branching out to include HBO’s Game of Thrones, should be an easy task.

The television version of Game of Thrones returns to HBO in 2016.

How would you like to see Stern Pinball develop their Game of Thrones machine? Which characters would you like to see featured? What other Game of Thrones merchandise would you like to see in the future? Let us know your ideas by commenting below!

[Image credit: HBO Inc. / Stern Pinball]