Niall Horan Gets Injured, ‘Darling’ Camila Cabello Also Gets Hurt

Niall Horan is so accident prone that he can injure himself without even realizing it!

Niall Horan had to rock an accessory that wasn’t very rock ‘n’ roll during One Direction’s Saturday On The Road Again concert in Montreal. According to Gossip Cop, Niall performed with a medical walking boot on his left foot. Louis Tomlinson couldn’t resist teasing his band mate and hamming it up for the concertgoers by asking Niall how he hurt himself. Obviously, the boys had this conversation before they hit the stage, but Niall played along by acting as though he and his band mates hadn’t already discussed his injured foot.

“I don’t know how,” Niall Horan said after informing Louis Tomlinson that his foot was fractured. Niall claimed that it was hurting him in the morning when he woke up, so he went to the doctor to have it x-rayed.

“Sounds terrible,” Louis Tomlinson said in response to his pal’s sad story. However, he didn’t sound very sympathetic, and he was grinning while he asked Niall about his foot. Maybe Louis knew something that Niall wasn’t sharing with the audience. Niall Horan also ended his exchange with Louis Tomlinson with a suspiciously awkward little laugh.

Some One Direction fans responded to the news of Niall’s injury by tweeting about the hilarious look on his face was at the end of his exchange with Louis, and others speculated that the leaping leprechaun’s love of jumping high up in the air had something to do with his fractured foot.