Zayn Malik Rumored To Be Dating Neelam Gill As Model Gushes Over Him

Zayn Malik may have his eyes set on a new beauty. After the former 1D singer was previously linked to Kylie Jenner and Zendaya, he’s now rumored to be dating model Neelam Gill.

Zayn Malik’s rumored new girlfriend has revealed that she may have known the British cutie way before his split with Perrie Edwards. Neelam Gill has been reportedly spotted with Malik in recent weeks. In an old interview from April, the dark-haired beauty was seen gushing over him at the 2015 Asian Awards. She also let it slip that she knew Malik very well.

“Zayn’s a nice guy, I’m happy he’s being honored tonight and I think it will be a great night.”

She was also asked about Malik’s sudden departure from One Direction. Gill appears to be a big supporter of the singer’s decision to leave the highly successful boy band.

“Honestly I really respect his decision. I can relate to him because we’ve both been thrown into the industry and I can only imagine how crazy it’s been for him. As long as he’s happy, I respect that.

“Whatever he does I’m sure he’ll be successful, he’s really talented and he’s a good guy.”

A previous report via the Daily Mail claimed that Neelam and Zayn were close for several months, even before he broke up with the Little Mix singer via text message. However, it has been assumed that their relationship was platonic as he was still in a relationship at the time.

Malik and Gill reportedly met at a studio in London. The two then later reconnected at The Asian Awards, while Malik was still engaged at the time. Now that Malik and Edwards broke up last month, Gill has been rumored to be his new love interest. She reportedly visited him in Los Angeles where he’s currently living as he works on his solo album.

An inside source told the Daily Mail that Neelam isn’t sure if she wants to date someone as famous as Zayn. The pair is seeing if they could make their relationship work, out of the spotlight.

“She is going to LA to spend some time with Zayn and see how things go from there. She is serious about her career and doesn’t want anything to get in the way of that but she has hit it off with Zayn.

“Don’t expect them to be spotted out in public together though, both are eager to keep their connection a secret for now.”

The source also went on to claim that Zayn’s totally “smitten” with the Burberry model. It appears that his new relationship is just a rumor at the moment. It’s also been rumored that Perrie called out Zayn for his alleged cheating on social media.

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[Images: Ian Gavan and Kevin Winter/Getty Images]