Hipster Barbie Is So #Blessed: Socality Barbie Takes Over Instagram

Barbie gave up her life in Southern California to connect with her hipster side in the Pacific Northwest. Barbie gave up her high society social life, leaving the mansion she shared with Ken and selling her trademark pink convertible in order to become more “original.” However, it seems Barbie has fallen into the trap of many hipsters to come before her, an obsession with an “authentic” image that has proven to place her right back into a mold, albeit a different one this time.

Hipster Barbie was created by a photographer from Portland, Oregon,as a satire of sorts for the social media obsessed culture. Socality Barbie updates her hundreds of thousands of followers with completely over-done Instagram poses from shots of her perfectly foamed cappuccino to her stop at a trendy ice cream parlor.

The creator of the hipster Barbie account has remained a secret; however, it hasn’t stopped numerous media outlets from sharing their opinion on the satire piece. One Mashable writer points out that Socality Barbie paints the perfect picture of our self-obsessed culture by showing the great lengths users will go to get that perfect shot.

“She created the account to satirize millennial hipsters whose desire for originality and authenticity has created just the opposite effect.”

In the hashtag laden posts, Barbie notes her life is so #blessed that she can spend so much time in #nature being #authentic. In fact, due to her Instagram authenticity, Barbie has amassed over 500,000 followers. Check out some of hipster Barbie’s moments of Insta-glory.

Image: Socalitybarbie Instagram

“If you need me I’ll be spending the day relaxing in my hammock in the most absurd places. (insert a plethora of hashtags here)”

Barbie is sure to include some of her friends in her Instagram as well. However, a shout to a best gal pal wouldn’t be complete with a compliment on the friend’s authenticity because you can never brag about how authentic you and your community are too much.

Image: Socalitybarbie Instagram

“Having coffee with this gem. Can I just say how amazing this girl is?! She keeps me grounded and inspires me to live my best authentic life. So glad we are in community together. I just wish she didn’t live all the way in LA. #friendbrag (more hashtags here)”

Socality Barbie seems to cover just about every common complaint about the Instagram-obsessed society. What do you think about the satire hipster Barbie account? Is it an accurate reflection of our social media culture?

[Image Credit: Instagram/ Socality Barbie]