Who’s The Better ‘Boyfriend’ For Park Shin Hye? Lee Jong Suk From ‘Pinocchio’ Or Taecyeon From 2PM?

Presently in Korean entertainment, Park Shin Hye is the hottest actress around. By working non-stop for the past two years, Shin Hye has starred in popular K-dramas, Pinocchio and Heirs, and praised K-movies, The Royal Tailor and The Beauty Inside. Needless to say, Shin Hye’s popularity also equates to the desires and expectations of her fans, especially when it comes to her love life.

Pertaining to her love life, there are two famous men in whom Park Shin Hye’s fans can see their favorite star with: Lee Jong Suk and Taecyeon. Eventually, the fact there are two choices would eventually bring up debate, ergo the question who is more fit to be Shin Hye’s “boyfriend?”

The touchy topic was tackled by KdramaStars in which they analyzed Park Shin Hye’s on-screen relationships with the two men. The comparison started with Lee Jong Suk since he’s been around Shin Hye before Taecyeon. Both of them first met on the set of Pinocchio playing the female and male leads respectively. Among the K-drama’s fans, one of the biggest reasons for its popularity was the acting chemistry Jong Suk and Shin Hye had. It seemed so natural how they worked in which their relationship was believable. Apparently, their chemistry is rumored to extend beyond the camera often stoked with rumors both Jong Suk and Shin Hye are dating.

Park Shin Hye Lee Jong Suk Urban Style
Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk model "Urban Style" in a magazine shoot.

The problem with basing relationships on acting chemistry is that it doesn’t necessarily relate to a real-life relationship. If that were the case, Ha Ji Won should be in a relationship with every male lead she’s worked with. Therefore, the only way two actors show true chemistry with each other (with the exception of being out in public) can somewhat be seen in K-variety shows. Unlike K-dramas, actors are more themselves as they compete or complete “missions” or “tasks.” In Three Meals a Day, actors are sent to rural Korea to live off the land. When Park Shin Hye was on the show, it was apparent there was authentic chemistry between her and main cast member Taecyeon (from K-pop group 2PM).

Either they be working in the fields, cooking, or spending time together, Park Shin Hye and Taecyeon were expressing themselves in which they were on the verge of becoming a couple. Yet, it could be possible the love lines between the two might have been edited to display such because it wasn’t as prominent in their second episode together. Instead, they were more like comrades.

No matter how Park Shin Hye met these two men, one thing is clear: her fan base believe one of them would be great as her “boyfriend.” The question is, which one should it be? If not one of them, who would be better?

[Image via Park Shin Hye International Community, 2PM Promotions, and Lee Jong Suk’s Facebook Page/Adobe PS, Post Images via Park Shin Hye International Community]