Damon Wayans Calls The Rape Claims Against Bill Cosby A 'Money Hoax''

When it comes to laughter, Bill Cosby once came to mind. As we all know laughter is a great medicine and Bill has given us our fair proportion and has taught us how to live in harmony in a nuclear family setting and how a husband should treat his wife and children. He has really helped shape family life in the United States and beyond, and has also had been a major influence in the comedy world.

However, the name Bill Cosby in recent times is synonymous with rape; no one could imagine that his later years of retirement and peace would turn out to be years of standing before judges. Thanks to a few loyal fans, Cosby still has people to defend him and believe he is innocent of all the accusations leveled against him by the now over 40 women who have claimed that Cosby raped them.

Damon Wayans, an American actor, comedian, and writer strongly defended Cosby and called all rape claims against Bill a ''money hoax.''

In a related article by The Hollywood reporter, Damon, a renowned comedian in his own right, voiced his opinion on the sexual assault allegations against Bill interview with radio program, The Breakfast Club

"Tell the truth," Wayans said about his advice for the Cosby Show star. "If I was him, I would divorce my wife, give her all my money and then I would go do a deposition. I would light one of [those] three-hour cigars. I'd have some wine and maybe a Quaalude, and I would just go off, because I don't believe that he was raping. I believe he was in relationships with all of them, and then he's like, 'You know what? It's 78. It don't work like that no more. I can't get it up for any of y'all. Bye, b****es,' and then they're like, 'Oh, really? Rape!' "

Wayans called the claims against Cosby a "money hoax" and feels that some of the women found it hard to deal with rejection.

"If you listen to them talk, they go, 'Well, the first time …' The first time? B***h, how many times did it happen? Just listen to what they're saying and some of them really [are] un-rape-able. I just look at them and go, 'You don't want that. Get out of here,' " Wayans said.

He added: "How big is his penis that it gives you amnesia for 40 years?"

"You know what Bill Cosby did wrong?" Wayans continued. "He started criticizing young black men. Then he lost us, and so we're not supporting them. They see that opening, so you know what? Attack him, kill him. But the dude from 7th Heaven — his show is still on TV. Woody Allen is making shows and movies."

Damon Wayans has been criticized for verbal attacks on Bill Cosby's accusers.

America do you agree with Damon Wayans, that the allegations against Bill Cosby are a "Money Hoax"?

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