Bernie Sanders Leads Hillary Clinton In New Hampshire

With the mounting controversy over Hillary Clinton’s private email server, Bernie Sanders is beginning to close the gap between he and the former first lady. Recent polls have shown that voters view Hillary as dishonest.

Trouble for Ms. Clinton’s campaign translates to a boon for Sanders’ campaign. According to the new poll, Sanders is beating Hillary in New Hampshire 41 percent to 32 percent. That’s a nine point increase from July when the Senator from Vermont was trailing Clinton.

Another poll recently found that Sanders is closing on Hillary in Iowa. Hillary was found to be polling at 37 percent while Bernie was at 30 percent. Joe Biden was at 14 percent and all other democratic candidates were polling in the single digits.

Bernie has been consistently drawing the largest crowds to his campaign events as well. Last month however, Donald Trump drew the largest crowd of any candidate at his rally in Alabama.

Though she’s currently his only real competition in the democratic race, Bernie told MSNBC that he’s not running his campaign against Hillary.

“This campaign that I am running, let me reiterate is not against Hillary Clinton, or anybody else.”

The New Hampshire poll, which was conducted by NBC/Marist, found that Joe Biden was polling in third place at 16 percent. Biden saw a 4 percent increase from July even though the Vice President has yet to decide whether he’ll enter the race or not.

Speculation on whether the current Vice President will enter the race has been swirling. Insiders say that a decision should be made sometime in September or in October before the first debate. Biden has publicly expressed his concern over his emotional strength after the loss of his son Beau Biden. Some believe he may not be up for a presidential bid, but the seasoned politician is clearly thinking hard about launching a campaign.

Hillary brushed off the new information and said she anticipated a difficult race. Earlier this year, many people believed Hillary would easily take the democratic nomination. Now, that certainty of the democratic race has gone.

“Well I’ve always thought this was going to be a competitive primary and I welcome that. I think it’s a contest of ideas, of policies, of how we present ourselves to the American people,”

Clinton should be worried about her rival. Sanders has been in a distant second place for some time. Now, it appears that gap is narrowing. The latest poll from New Hampshire shows that the Independent Senator is beating Hillary in one of the most crucial states.

[Photo by Adam Bettcher / Getty Images]