Jade And Tanner Update: Engagement Over For ‘Paradise’ Couple?

Are Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert still together or did they break up after Bachelor in Paradise filming ended? Spoilers indicate that fans will see Jade and Tanner get engaged on Sunday night’s season finale, but there is speculation that they are no longer a couple.

The second season of Bachelor in Paradise airs Monday night with ABC teasing fans with a preview that shows Jade crying over an apparent breakup. Blogger Reality Steve states that the clip is edited and they did get engaged. Fans will soon find out she is crying over another contestant’s breakup.

According to Us Weekly, Kirk DeWindt breaks up with Carly Waddell before Monday night’s rose ceremony. Carly is close friends with Jade, so it makes sense that Jade is crying over her friend’s heartbreak.

If spoilers are correct and Jade is still engaged to Tanner, fans are even more confused by Jade’s recent tweets about moving from L.A. to Nashville where her friend and co-star Carly lives. According to LinkedIn, Tanner lives and works in Kansas City — definitely not commuting distance to Nashville.

Is it possible that Jade is just staying with Carly until the Bachelor in Paradise season finale airs to keep fans guessing? According to Life & Style‘s latest issue, Jade and Tanner are “definitely” together and are still engaged — great news “Janner” fans.

“Jade and Tanner are definitely still together and engaged. Jade has been breaking the rules and sneaking off to Kansas City, Missouri to visit him. Even though they only knew each other for 20 days, from the very beginning Jade was sure that Tanner was the one.”

Earlier in the season Jade told E! News that she decided to go on Bachelor in Paradise to find her “somebody” and it would be “pretty crazy” if she got engaged at the end.

“I really came here to find my somebody. That’s what I want. I want to leave the situation with somebody I love and see how that develops in the real world. Getting engaged at the end seems pretty crazy. Would I be totally close-minded to that? No, If that was the right person that I met here than you never know.”

Despite ABC’s misleading promos, there is speculation that Jade’s hopes and dreams will come true and she will get engaged to her “somebody” on the Paradise finale.

Will “Janner” become one of the few Bachelor franchise couples who get married? While it’s not likely that ABC will shell out the big bucks for an over-the-top Trista and Ryan style TV wedding, don’t be surprised if they tie the knot on the next season of Bachelor in Paradise.

[Image: ABC/Facebook]