Best Labor Day Deals: What To Buy And What To Skip

Labor Day is far more than just that last trip to the beach or one more time to spend time with the kids before launching full force into the school season. It is a chance to get some of the best Labor Day deals as retailers are changing seasons. It is a chance to save substantially on items retailers are getting rid of. There are purchases to avoid though as they won’t really save you any money.

To find some of the Best Labor Day deals, start online. By starting online, you can comparison shop before actually going into the stores. The advantage of shopping online is that it means avoiding the crowds in the stores and at the malls. It also allows you to plan your shopping in advance so you don’t waste time and actually get to enjoy your day.

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports that all the major retailers like Macy’s are offering steep discounts this year. Deals include savings on travel through sites online like CheapOAir allowing you to buy the best travel deals from home.

The best Labor Day deals this year though are on clothing. Amazon, Famous Footwear, JC Penney, and Macy’s among other retailers are offering steep discounts. Bedding, appliances, and other home goods are also among some of the best Labor Day deals with offers from Bath & Bodyworks and Best Buy and other stores that have offline locations. For stores with offline locations, check for online deals that may not be available in stores.

As previously reported in Inquisitr, there are some great freebies available this year including events and free food. There are also special deals available for both veterans and the military and civilians too.

News station 11 Alive Eyewitness News also reports that there are some deals to be avoided too. Gas grills, fall clothing, and television and general electronics are to be avoided although back to school electronics offer good deals. Don’t consider purchasing toys either. The best toy sales start in October and continue through to the Christmas season so consider postponing these purchases.

Travel is another area where you can get the best Labor Day deals. Some deals are better than others though. It is best to buy last minute summer travel specials and avoid making any purchases for the holiday season that starts at Thanksgiving. Labor Day getaways offer a chance to save between 30 and 50 percent, and there are also steep discounts on hotel accommodations.

[Photo Credit Las Vegas Review Journal]