Vaginal Rejuvenation On ‘Survivor’s Remorse’ – LeBron James’ Basketball Drama Drives Strong To The Hole [Spoilers]

LeBron James will make an appearance on his Survivor’s Remorse drama during its second season, as seen in a video preview from the trailer. The most recent episode of Survivor’s Remorse tackled a topic far away from the basketball court: vaginal rejuvenation. Apparently, the excellent writing staff Survivor’s Remorse hadn’t yet heard of Mona Lisa Touch, because they have the basketball star at the center of the drama — Cam Calloway – worried about his mother undergoing vaginal rejuvenation surgery, and all the dangers it can pose.

With Tichina Arnold starring as Cam’s young mom, Cassie, viewers can’t help but think back to Arnold’s days on Martin. Seeing as though art often imitates life and vice versa, one can’t help but wonder if young Cam’s life mirrors LeBron’s life in any way, and if Gloria James underwent any such similar surgery.

Either way, the episode of Survivor’s Remorse represented the Season 2, Episode 3, titled “M.V.P.” that aired on Saturday, September 5, was indeed one that captured imaginations. Cam struggled with the fact that his young mom still had a sex life and still wanted feel young and enjoy herself – after Calloway was happy to learn his mom didn’t have cancer.

Cam himself was enjoying a cheat day on his diet, able to chow down on a delicacies that his sister, uncle, and mother prepared for him. Meanwhile, Erica Ash – who plays the lovably tough M-Chuck, a figure constantly dressed in workout gear as is the current fashion – helped her mother throughout the vaginal rejuvenation process. The a-okay hand symbol enjoyed a lot smaller hole as formed by the index finger and thumb as a reference to the vaginal rejuvenation’s outcome.

In another scene, Cassie blamed her son and daughter for causing her lady parts to end up being in the shape they ended up, and therefore believe she deserved some vaginal rejuvenation. Cassie related as much to the women performing her pedicure.

“You break it, you buy it!”

Teyonah Parris’ character — who notably played Dawn Chambers on Mad Men, as reported by the New York Daily News – has been getting smack talk on Survivor’s Remorse because of doing a “big chop” on her weave and relaxed hair and has been sporting a teeny weeny Afro as of late. With “Missy Vaughn” being called everything from ugly to lesbian-looking on the show, it’s a wonder the natural hair community isn’t up in arms.

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