No Such Thing As ‘Unrapeable’ [Opinion]

Comedian Damon Wayans is currently under fire for comments he made earlier this week about how the dozens of women who have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault are really “unrapeable.” In reality, Wayans is implying that there is no possible way that Cosby could be at all attracted to women who look like those who have accused him of rape, but Wayans use of the word “unrapeable” is truly reprehensible.

While there are multiple websites that will tell users how to prevent rape with a variety of photos, and there are still others that encourage users to sign up for self-defense classes in order to become “unrapeable,” there is no way to be “unrapeable.” The backlash that Wayans is currently experiencing is exploding on Twitter.


Wayans also suggested in an interview with The Daily Beast that the women were after Cosby’s money, and that the women potentially had selective amnesia. He implied that the women had amnesia that lasted four decades before coming forward, and that is nothing but a blatant lie. Women first started coming forward a couple of decades ago at least, and while at least one of the cases was settled, the accusations date back to the 1980s and before that. Not a single one of these women were “unrapeable,” and all have detailed experiences which involve Cosby in a variety of power positions while they are drugged or receiving money from him after the fact.

If these women were “unrapeable,” why did Cosby allegedly put himself in compromising positions? Why was he almost always in a power position over these women and why were drugs involved, as Cosby stated in a deposition? Money was given to these women — not because they asked for it, from what reports have said thus far, but because Cosby saw the need to give them money after he was allegedly sexually irresponsible with them.

Wayans needs to remember that not a single person — yes, men get raped too — is “unrapeable.” It would be interesting to see how lurid and outspoken he would be should his sisters or daughter or any other female relative be one who has to face down an alleged rapist.

While it is possible that Wayans was simply trying to revive a career that seems to have been somewhat quiet of late, using the term “unrapeable” is completely unacceptable. Every single person on the planet who has had to endure rape wishes mightily that they had been “unrapeable,” but the truth is, there is no such thing. There are too many women who have experienced rape in all its terribleness for his comments to even merit any sort of discussion when it comes to life in general and the alleged Cosby situations in particular.

[Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images]